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G-star Spiraq RFTP záplaty Eclipse Džíny 3D Slim Pánské Ne.1626

7,143.79Kč  3,627.19Kč

  • Kód: de226
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Detaily produktu


Forces of Nature is a series of sustainable pieces designed by Jaden Smith, dedicated to the beauty and power of nature. All pieces in the Forces of Nature collection have been engineered with sustainable materials and design innovations developed by G-Star Raw. The Spiraq Džíny are developed in the RAW Research laboratory. Single strips of denim spiral around the legs, creating an advanced fit with space and precise articulation. The Džíny feature dark colorway patches drawing inspiration from the shades of the eclipse.

Slim Fit

  • Button closure
  • Mid waist
  • The patches on this garment are individually placed and might vary from piece to piece
  • Jaden Smith + G-Star RAW Forces of Nature


Zelz Black Denim O

Zelz Black Denim O is first of its kind in the market. It represents G-Star's most sustainable black denim due to our holistic approach when it comes to the choice of fiber, black dyestuff, its transport, its packaging and the actual dye application.

  • Our most sustainable black denim was done in collaboration with Archroma, en eco dye producer and Artistic Milliners, a sustainable mill.
  • It features liquid dyestuff that leaves an easy to clean and recyclable water effluent.
  • The black dye used in this denim is produced at Archroma’s ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ sustainable manufacturing plant which is located near by Artistic Milliners.
  • Our partners devised a fully automatized dyestuff feeding system, where black dye is pumped directly from a closed loop tank into the dyeing system at Artistic Milliners.
  • No chemical contact for workers, and no packaging drums and dye residues to dispose off.
  • The dye application onto the fiber is done in a 5-step process compared to the conventional 8-10 steps.
  • Our black denim saves 52% water, 65% energy, 71% CO2 and 14% chemicals compared to conventional black.
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 3x1 left hand twill, Mid-weight 10.5 oz

Medium Aged

Skillfully finished with authentic wear marks. Sustainably washed with 0 water waste and air dried to save 85% energy.

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